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Gluten-Free Chocolate Quick Bread with Cherries and Pecans

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How do I…toast nuts?

Like Paris, toasting or roasting nuts is a always good idea. It’s what will take your recipe/dish to the next level. (Why is it that I can’t say that phrase ‘take it to the next level’ without thinking about Dave Chappelle’s character in You’ve Got Mail?) Does the idea of a smoking pan of ruined nuts have you running scared? Have no fear. Instructions are here. Follow these and your cookies, pilafs, quick breads, salads, etc. will go from good to great, from perfectly adequate to out of this world. Oven Method You will need: nuts (in large pieces/not chopped) a shallow baking tray with an edge spoon or spatula a plate for cooling nuts a knife for chopping Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Layer nuts on baking tray. Place tray in oven. Let the nuts toast for 5-10 minutes. During the toasting time, check the nuts frequently and stir them around in the pan once or twice to ensure an even toasting. Once the nuts are toasted, immediately remove them from the pan to …