Our Story

This is not just another food blog. This is a place for people to mingle and mix and be…a veritable piazza in the cloud. Okay, that was a loose paraphrase of a Tom Hanks line in You’ve Got Mail, but it’s what we aim to be.

Bearing that in mind, now might be a good time to explain our name. Please don’t take it as an admonition against pasta, noodles, or macaroni, because we love pasta, noodles, and macaroni. Some of us also just so happen to have an unfortunate intolerance to wheat. If you’re not similarly afflicted, we’re happy for you. But if you’re like some of us, you’ve found a safe foodie paradise.

While we’re not strictly gluten-free or strictly dairy-free, we are strictly health-conscious(ish). We favor a plant-based diet some of the time, but won’t look askance at you if you don’t. The truth is, we consider ourselves omnivorous…like bears (we eat a whole lot of berries, but we’ll scarf down a piece of salmon in a heartbeat).

So, why the don’t eat spaghetti line? The phrase in its entirety is: don’t eat spaghetti while standing on your head.

Still don’t get it? It stems from the time one of us (not mentioning any names or pointing any fingers) was snacking on a bowl of spaghetti while sitting upside down on the living room sofa. Why? I don’t know. I suppose it was because she could. You’ll have to ask her, but I doubt she remembers the reason. Anyway, she choked, as you might expect.

So, our wise mom—after administering the Heimlich maneuver—said those sage words that we will never forget, words we have always lived by, words that have served us well for some decades now.

At the time, we didn’t appreciate the profundity of her statement. In fact, we died laughing, because this was long before “lol” became a thing.

So, please mingle…mix…and for heaven’s sake…be!!!

PS. This is just another food blog.